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Data Composer can read data from many sources including Microsoft SQL Server, local and network files, and even websites!


Data Composer lets you transform your data using modern Javascript! You can write your code in the browser as part of your configuration.


Write your data to an unlimited number of destinations including databases, files, web requests, and more!

Version History

Latest Updates for Data Composer


  • fixed
    Handle when an existing pipeline does not have any dependencies defined


  • fixed
    Reduced size of add/delete transform/destination buttons
  • improved
    Version numbers are verified during build process
  • new
    Added Control + S keyboard shortcut for saving pipeline changes
  • new
    Added option for disabling individual destinations in a pipeline
  • new
    Added Email (IMAP) Data Reader
  • new
    Installations can now have a title set with DC_INSTALLATION_NAME environment variable
  • new
    Release notes and version are now embedded in Data Composer